Bhagalpuri / Tussar silk sarees

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Authentic handwoven sarees that originate in the Bhagalpur region of Bihar, India, are known as Tussar silk sarees or Bhagalpuri silk sarees. The distinctive texture, earthy colors, and understated elegance of these sarees are well-known.

Tussar silk, which is manufactured from the cocoons of the wild silk moth, is used to make the silk sarees known as Bhagalpuri. Bhagalpuri silk sarees have a distinctive texture and appearance because Tussar silk has a coarser texture than conventional silk.

Simple yet lovely designs with delicate borders and embroidered work can be found on the sarees. Bhagalpuri silk sarees often include earthy hues like beige, brown, and rust as their primary colors, giving them a chic and modest appearance.


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