Bomkai silk sarees

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Traditional handwoven sarees from the village of Bomkai in the Indian state of Odisha are known as Sonepuri sarees or Bomkai silk sarees. These sarees are renowned for their elaborate patterns, eye-catching hues, and superior silk.

Pure silk threads are often used to create Bomkai silk sarees, which are then woven using a unique procedure known as “ikat.” Before they are woven, the threads are tied and dyed, creating a distinctive pattern and design.

The exquisite patterns on the sarees are drawn from local mythology, environment, and cultural traditions. Flowers, animals, birds, and geometric forms are a few typical motifs on Bomkai silk sarees.

Sarees made with Bomkai silk are highly prized for their superior quality and superb workmanship. They are typically used during ceremonial gatherings including weddings, fairs, and other social gatherings.


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