Mysore silk sarees

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The city of Mysore, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, is where the traditional Indian saree known as a Mysore silk saree was first created. These pure silk sarees are renowned for their softness, toughness, and exquisite patterns.

A unique kind of silk known as mulberry silk, which is renowned for its high quality and durability, is often used to create Mysore silk sarees. The sarees are distinguished by their straightforward and elegant patterns, which frequently include solid hues or understated patterns.

Zari embroidery is one of the defining characteristics of Mysore silk sarees. On the saree, elaborate motifs and patterns are made using zari, a kind of metallic thread. On Mysore silk sarees, zari work is often done in gold or silver and can range from basic motifs to intricate patterns.


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