Narayanpet silk sarees

dharmavaram silk sarees in chennai

The town of Narayanpet in the state of Telangana is the birthplace of the traditional Indian saree known as a Narayanpet silk saree. These sarees are renowned for their peculiar weaving method, which combines silk and cotton fibers to produce an eye-catching texture and drape.

The sarees are made by Narayanpet weavers utilizing a pit loom, which entails stretching the fabric over a pit and weaving the yarn using a mix of foot pedals and hand levers. The end products are light, airy, and have a smooth, soft touch.

The shades and layouts of Narayanpet silk sarees range from vivid and striking to subdued and simple. They frequently have detailed motifs and designs, such peacock feathers, flowers, and geometric shapes.


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