Sournachuri silk sarees

dharmavaram silk sarees in chennai

Traditional Indian sarees called Souranguri silk sarees are distinguished by their vibrant hues, elaborate patterns, and exquisite silk fabric. These sarees are indigenous to the Indian state of West Bengal, and it is said that the town of Sournachuri is where they first appeared.

Pure silk is generally used to create Souranguri silk sarees, which are distinguished by their vivid colors and exquisite patterns. Using a unique method known as the “extra weft technique,” the extra threads are weaved into the saree to produce the complex and vibrant patterns found on these sarees.

The use of gold and silver zari, which is used to create elaborate borders and decorations, is one of the distinctive characteristics of Sournachuri silk sarees. These sarees frequently combine bright threads with gold and silver zari, giving them a rich and opulent appearance.


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