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latest pure silk sarees in chennai

About Us

Cheerful welcome to Viola Silk Sarees. We are manufacturing and providing premier quality silk sarees for retail and wholesale. Silk dates back to the 27th century BC. It is one of the oldest fabrics man was bonded with.

Spinning the raw silk into tiny threads is the first stage in the weaving process. Using a spinning wheel called a charkha, this is done by hand. We do this procedure just like Gandhiji has done, to bring the traditional touch and conventional taste of culture. Adding to this we manufacture in a trendy way which is loved by contemporary women.

An Indian wedding is incomplete without silk sarees. Earlier saris alternately spelled sarees in the Rig Veda, a Hindu book of hymns has mentioned about its prevalence. Chishti calls it a “magical unstitched garment”.

Silk, the “Queen of Textiles” makes the person feel queen when worn. The process of making silk comprises Rearing silkworm from the egg and it turns into a cocoon. Then Producing Mulberry trees to feed silkworms. Mulberry trees’ leaves provide minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hydration and other nutrients a silkworm would need to produce larvae, which is the final stage of sericulture. The filament of threads is separated by using different machines to form reels. Hence, this spinning of silk fibers produces silk yarn or silk thread, which by weaving the yarn further, the silk fabric is produced. This is how silk clothes can be made finally by using silk fabric.

We are perfectly maintaining the procedure for the world class products, because we do this generation after generation as our clan business. That not only gives satisfaction for customers but also for the suppliers. Our team is very conscious about the quality of sarees that we produce incessantly.

Both conventional and contemporary design, pattern, style, colors, and trending collections are available in Viola Silk sarees for both retailers and wholesalers.

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Why Choose Us

latest pure silk sarees in chennai

Quality of the sarees

Discuss the high-quality materials and fabrics used to create your sarees, as well as any unique features that make them stand out.

latest pure silk sarees in chennai

Range of designs

Highlight the variety of designs available on your website, including traditional and modern styles. Emphasize how your sarees cater to different tastes and preferences.

latest pure silk sarees in chennai

Affordable prices

Mention any discounts or promotions that your website offers. Explain how your sarees are affordable without compromising on quality.

latest pure silk sarees in chennai
latest pure silk sarees in chennai

Customer service

Explain how your website provides excellent customer service, such as fast shipping, easy returns, and responsive customer support.

latest pure silk sarees in chennai


If your saree business has a sustainability focus, highlight this in your content. Discuss any eco-friendly practices used in production or any initiatives to support local artisans.

latest pure silk sarees in chennai

Customization options

If your website offers customization options, such as tailoring or color choices, mention this in your content. This can be a great selling point for customers looking for a unique and personalized saree.

latest pure silk sarees in chennai

Our Mission

Coupled With User Friendly Interface And Exceptional Customer Service In Order To Create A Seamless And Enjoyable Shopping Experience

latest pure silk sarees in chennai

Our Vision

Our Online Shopping Site Is To Provide Our Customers With A Diverse Selection Of High Quality Products.

latest pure silk sarees in chennai

Our Values

We are dedicated to sourcing only the finest quality fabrics and partnering with skilled artisans who have mastered the art of weaving and embroidery.

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